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Here at Smith Power Products, we represent Paus mining vehicles and are responsible for the states of Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. Paus is a manufacture of mining and tunneling vehicles and we’re grateful to work on these machines day in, day out.

7 Key Features to the MinCa 5.1 Personal Transporter Vehicle:

  • Deutz TCD 3.6 L4 Diesel Engine
  • ROPS/FOPS (ISO 3471 & ISO 3449)
  • Drive Line: all-wheel drive
  • Front axle steering with both front and back axle containing planetary support
  • Max axle weight: 12,130 lbs.
  • SAHR (Spring Applied Hydraulic Released) brake system
  • Hydraulic steering the of front axle steering

The MinCa 5.1D is the perfect transportation solution where mine ventilation is on the edge. The electric and hybrid versions give customers independence concerning diesel cost developments, savings in ventilation costs and a clean and safe mining environment.

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Carrier Features Galore with A Long Lifetime

The MinCa 5.1D Carrier’s main features and cassettes include: fast, comfortable and economic.

These three attributes are combined in the design of the PAUS MinCa 5.1, a small personnel carrier with a loading platform. The heavy-duty mining personal carrier is designed for an extremely long lifetime. The MinCa 5.1 is capable of holding five people. The loading platform, mounted to the rear of the vehicle, can be equipped with a crane, air compressor, and/or welder. The MinCa 5.1 is the solution for fast, comfortable and safe transportation of personnel in narrow mining conditions.

Modern, Robust, and Agile Heavy-Duty Mining Equipment

The robust and agile vehicle is equipped with a modern and efficient hydrostatic drive line which provides an optimal traveling speed and efficient fuel consumption especially when driving on grades. Due to the all-wheel drive and independent suspension of the axles, the MinCa 5.1 always has contact with the ground. Even on adverse road conditions, these characteristics of the MinCa 5.1 will allow a max speed of 19 mph (30 km/h).

There is great flexibility with this machine due to different drive line concepts. Our customers can choose between three different kinds of drive line concepts which fits perfectly to their conditions; diesel, hybrid, and electric (in design).

Decades of Expertise and A Beautiful Partnership

With Paus’ 40+ years of business in underground mining equipment, and Smith Power Products 65 years of providing quality heavy mining equipment repair, we’re able to offer our services to exceptional mining companies across the U.S.

Chat with us today about receiving the best mining vehicle services to keep your equipment running smooth and lasting you for a very long time.